About Us

The Studio Built By Musicians, For Musicians.

ELITE Sound Studios is a full service production facility, owned and operated by Mark Mina, and Danny Stanton. Whether you require a space to practice for an upcoming performance or space to park your tour bus as you film your next live music video.

ELITE Sound Studios has a fully equipped backline with full staging and lighting capability, with a spacious sound stage, full time engineers, and a world class blend of state of the art and vintage gear. Our dedicated staff of engineers offer mixing, post-production, live sound, video production, & promotional marketing

Our Mission

To make your rehearsal experience and music needs an easy one, by using all resources available to fine tune the abilities of the local
artists and musicians.

Our Vision

Is to go beyond standard remit of a sound rehearsal, filming, sound, photography and dance studio to become a creative hub where artists, bands, songwriters, musicians and producers can realize their sonic potential.

Core Values

The artist is at the center of the process
The past inspires invention and innovation
Experimentation requires artistic rigor
Collaboration activates growth

Long Island Largest State-Of-The-Art Sound Stage

Make it your rehearsal space TODAY!

Studio A

In House Backline

Simply bring your instrument and plug in

Studio B

Sponsored Collection and Endorsements

Michael Kelly Guitars
D’Angelico Guitars
Marshall Amplifers
DW Drums

Studio C

Audio Equipment & Gear

Yamaha M7CL Front of House console with 32 Channel Inputs and 16 Omni Outputs.

Want to make sure you have your own on stage monitor mix? All eight of our on stage EAW SM129Z wedges are independently mixed to create the best working environment for your band, in ear also available.

Want to film your next music video for your latest single?

We are a full service studio featuring the latest technology for your projects

917 272 2876

631 974 2230

Our Team

Mark Mina

Mark Mina

Production /Owner

Danny Stanton

Danny Stanton

Booking / Owner

Taylor McLean Wickam

Taylor McLean Wickam

Director Of Nitrogen

Diamond Henley

Diamond Henley

Assistant To Taylor McLean Wickham

Elizabeth Lewandowski

Elizabeth Lewandowski

Human Resources

Lauren Renee Mina

Lauren Renee Mina

Master, colorist and specialist of precision cutting

Matt Zimmermann

Matt Zimmermann

General Manager / Lead Engineer

Steve Martinez

Steve Martinez

Building Engineer

Elite Sound Studios

80 Dale St
West Babylon, NY 11740

Contact Number

Office 718-474-5800
Fax 718 474 5771
Mark Mina 917-273-2876
Danny Staton 631 974 2230

Working Hours

Monday to Sunday 24/7